The Ultimate Guide
 Free SEX

  A World-Class Whore Dog,
Sex Addict and
Escort Agency Owner
reveals his closely guarded

 Secrets of Seduction
so you can get
 More Pussy than a Porn Star !

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This Site and this Manual DOES NOT promote or endorse
Prostitution or any other illegal activity.
An Escort Agency or Service is a completely legal Business which
 arranges a meeting between 2 or more consenting Adults of legal age.
An example would be a Male Client paying for the companionship
 of a professional Female Talent.
Their time together could include Dinner, attending a Social
 or Sporting event, Modeling, private Dancing,
 Massage or simply stimulating Conversation.

 Most Guys are lucky to find 1 or 2 Ladies a week to have Sex with.
 Now you can have Hot and Horny Ladies 
 wanting to have Sex with you whenever you want. 

Plus I show you how to get Ladies to 
 perform Sexually for you like Gold Medal Olympians.

Hey Guys . . . this Manual IS NOT about finding a young Lady to take home to meet yo Momma and it IS NOT another Bull Shit Dating Book with a bunch of corny pick-up lines or what outfits to wear or what after-shave to bathe in.

In most cases I show you how to skip the damn dates, dinners and drinks and get right to the Sex.  In fact, you'll start getting so much Pussy, you won't be able to keep track. 

I also realize that most of you would be happy getting some "strange" once or twice a week and when I talk about getting Sex 3 to 5 times each and every day by different Ladies, that just doesn't sound "normal".

That's OK . . . because I'm damn sure not "normal".

 So what makes me such a friggin expert?

Shortly after I discovered that Sex was more then another date with Rosie Palm and her 5 Sisters, I learned I was a Sex Addict which meant I needed my "Fix" 2, 3 , 4 and even 5 or more times every single day.

Fortunately, I've enjoyed a series of professions, as a Rock Musician, a Talent Agent, a professional Speaker and lastly as the owner of an Escort Agency, which meant I was around a whole lot more "holes" and "hoes" then the average Guy.

 Just imagine . . . almost everyday being like a Sexual Smorgasbord

During my Quest for Sex I continually tweaked my most successful Tips and Techniques and now I'm finally ready to share my Secrets of Seduction with you.

Remember this Manual was NOT written by someone who occasionally got a little extra nookie.  It was written by a World-Class Whore Dog and Sex Addict and I used this stuff to
get Laid 3 to 5 times a day.

My stuff HAD TO WORK because as a Sex Addict and I needed it every couple of hours.  Hell, there were times when I probably would have screwed a Key Hole if someone had held the Door Knob for me.

I'm often asked if the stuff in my Manual is current and still works today . . . and I'll let you be the judge.

Keep in mind that I'm now 67 and I've slowed down just a little, however, my Fiancee is young enough to be my Daughter (48) and in the last 2 years I've enjoyed many live-in "Sex Slaves" including the forbidden fruits of 2 Exotic Dancers (24 and 28) and 3 Hookers (19, 27 and 39).  I've also been a Sugar Daddy to a 34 year old former Escort and a 22 year old College Student.  Hell, a couple of those were young enough to be my Grand Daughter. 

Of course I also know how to get Free Sex from Hookers or Escorts whenever I want a little more variety.

 Here Cums the Best part

I'll teach you how to get these Ladies to perform better for you Sexual than they do for their Boyfriend or Husband.

Trust me when I say this WILL NOT BE another plain piece of Ass or boring Blow Job.

What would it be like to be able to have wild Sex with a different Lady whenever you want it?

Even if you don't desire to become a World-Class Whore Dog or you aren't a Sex Addict, you can still enjoy getting more Free Sex than all of your friends combined and become a Legend among Men.

Hey Guys, I've lived a lifestyle that most Men can only imagine in their most Erotic Dreams, and now you can too.

 Find out how to get a Live-in Sex Slave

I even developed a Fool Proof Formula that got me a series of live-in "Sex Slaves" to satisfy my every Sexual desire . . .
PLUS I had to actually start a Waiting List of young Ladies that wanted to move in.

And get this . . . each of these Ladies has to Audition and demonstrate their Sexual Talents just to get on the damn Waiting List.

If that wasn't enough, I then started and ran an insanely profitable Escort Agency where of course . . . I had to Audition and Train all of the young Ladies.

 Welcome to a World of Sexual Satisfaction

You are about to learn from the Best of the Best and there are no other Books or Manuals on the market that even cum close.  Hell, they can't even hold my damn Jock Strap.

One other important point is that I'm not selling you some basic Book or Manual full of fluff and dead air and then trying to sell you more and more stuff like some other Companies do.

In addition, I'll show you how to get this Book for Free . . . so keep Reading there Ralphy.

The content of this Manual is so LETHAL it should be ILLEGAL.  (Updated April, 2010)

I've perfected Fool Proof Formulas that will show you:
How to find out within 30 seconds if any Lady is willing to give you Free SEX.
How to get Ladies to satisfy you SEXUALLY better than they do their own Boyfriend.
How to get Ladies to actually Audition to demonstrate their SEXUAL talents.
How to get Ladies to live with you as your personal SEX Slave.
How to get Ladies to stand in line for you to be their Sugar Daddy.
How to get Escorts and Hookers to give you Free SEX.
How to get Exotic Dancers to live with you and perform for Free.
How to date Ladies young enough to be your Daughter or Grand-Daughter.
How to find Ladies that haven't had SEX for 5 to 10 years and will flat-ass wear you out.
Word-for-word Ads that attract SEX starved Ladies.
The top 20 places to go and find Ladies who love SEX.

Imagine a Manual that shows
how easy it is to get
more Free SEX than a Porn Star

"The Ultimate Guide to Free SEX"  for only $35
(your complete blow-by-blow Guide on how to enjoy Free SEX with as many Ladies as you can handle)

This is an eBook in PDF Format.  Once we receive your Payment, within hours we send it to your eMail Address so you can print it.  Make sure you include your eMail Address. 
You'll receive a Free Copy of "Confessions of a Male Whore Dog" containing 69 sizzling Chapters of some of my most memorable Sexual Exploits which is a $20 Value.

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NOTE:  When I mention the words "Young Ladies", I am always referring to those 18 years and older.

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